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Skrillex y Diplo – "Where Are Ü Now" con Justin Bieber (Video oficial)

"Estamos abrumados por el éxito de" Where Are Ü Now "con Justin Bieber. Con el video solo queríamos traerlo de vuelta al comienzo de la grabación y esencialmente crear una oda para nuestros fanáticos. Lo que hacemos es sobre los fanáticos. Vamos por una línea muy fina al ser "famosos" y en público, pero solo estamos aquí por ustedes, los fanáticos. Justin escribió este disco en un momento difícil de su vida y se nos ocurre que nosotros, como artistas, a veces somos solo objetos y tenemos que tomarlo tanto como tenemos que usarlo para hacerlo. Todos hacemos esto por ti. Respeta que nos hayas traído aquí y es Ü quien hizo el video. "- JACK Ü

Tienda oficial Jack Ü:

Skrillex y Diplo presentan a Jack Ü

Obtenga los remixes "Where Are Ü Now" de Kaskade, Marshmello, Rustie y Ember Island:

Dirigido por Brewer
Compañía de producción – Prettybird
Productor Ejecutivo – Candice Dragonas
Productor – Nathan Scherrer
Edición, Color y EFX – Cervecero
EFX adicional – Gloria EFX

Sigue a Jack Ü en línea

Sigue a Justin Bieber en línea

24 comentarios en «Skrillex y Diplo – "Where Are Ü Now" con Justin Bieber (Video oficial)»

  • Well done, JB. This is why I like you. I know initially you may not have known what you got yourself into, but you are awake now. But, just be careful as I do not want them to harm you. We will stand with you as will all the innocent lives of people that were taken such as Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington + Avicii, etc, in the spirit world. We will keep fighting, but many prayers + love to you. May God + the universe keep you protected while you wake up the masses. While WE wake up the masses.

    This is my first time watching this video + I will be watching it properly on slow soon. I got all the info I needed though + I appreciate what you did back then + going forward from then on + now.

  • Actually he came in the industry and gained widespread popularity after then and had to go through all the pressures and shut shame and jealously at a very gentle age. When baby released the world only knew about a word jb. The people who watched him and kept an eye on his every private thing . Maybe if if we were a bit sensitive about him he would not have gone through anything bad.

  • If Anyone wants to know what everyone is going on about Leave Your @ shits bout to get real

  • I have good news for Everyone.Glad to see everyone woke af.Michael Jackson.Tupac.Prince.Nippsey Hustle.Kobe Bryant are ALIVE AND ON SHIPS.Also Research John Mendez Holotech healing frequencies.He is The one we know as Jesus Christ Sananda the Galactic

  • ATTENTION, we need to protect justin right now because he could be in great danger for speaking up about pizzagate. there have been several famous people that have died after exposing pizzagate. for example, isaac kappy. look up “isaac kappy exposes hollywood”, you can see the video of him talking about it and people involved. days after he posted it, he died from a “suicide”, even though in his last live stream he said he was not suicidal. it was as if he knew he was going to die. it’s really scary, but i encourage people to look into this because we need to open our eyes.


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