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¡PODRÍA LLORAR! (BTS (방탄 소년단) & # 39; We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal & # 39; | Music Video Response / Review)

Mi reacción y revisión del video musical de We are Bulletproof: the Eternal.
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36 comentarios en «¡PODRÍA LLORAR! (BTS (방탄 소년단) & # 39; We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal & # 39; | Music Video Response / Review)»

  • I sometimes feel that this is a goodbye song…With Jin probably leaving to join the army…I just want to crawl to my bed and blast the song in my headphones and cry 💜💜💜

  • Después del intro blanco al volverse dibujo hacen referencia a su antigua sala de prácticas donde hicieron dance practice como (boy un Luv, danger y dope ets) y dónde está nam del 2013 es donde ensayaban antes que ni siquiera era una realizaron songs como O!RUL8,2?

    -No solo están pasando por sus inicios hasta la actualidad pasando de mv en en mv , también están mostrando el crecimiento que tuvo bighit ya que su primera oficina como agencia fue en un garaje en mal estado y repartían folletos y organiciones gratis ahora convirtiéndose en la mejor agencia gandole a las 3

    – además de eso BTS tuvo que pasar por los prejuicios y burlas de los demás llegando al punto que del (2013-2016) tuvieron que enfrentar como se ve en mv a jungkook ser tragado por un "océano negro" haciendo referencia a las fans de otro grupos a la hora de ellos estar en el escenario ya sea presentado se o en premiaciones apagaban sus lightstick en forma de rechazo hacia ellos y sus actuaciones

    – pero ahora todo es diferente ya que ahora cuánta con army y ellas con su army bomb son su propio océano morado que los quiere y los apoya

    – tanto que por un momento a las personas se les olvida al (criticarlos y decirles que son falsos y porque todo es solo BTS ) que ellos vinieron de un inicio humilde mucho más difícil que los demás (ya que tuvieron que aguantar todo ese maltrato , ganar popularidad , hacer que las personas se arrepientan y lo mejor convertir a una agencia mediocre en la N/1)

    -Con ellos nos dicen que ahora estaremos para siempre juntos tomados de las manos y caminando por el sendero de flores borrando todo lo malo y amándonos como lo dice la letra de 2!3! (Canción que dedico a army )

    – es muy emotivo saber que si ángel de compañía es una 🐋 la cual referencia a su canción whaliend 52 teniendo en cuanta que es el animal más solitario del mundo ya que la frecuencia que utiliza para cantar es de 52 hz ya que el resto de su especie utiliza una frecuencia de 15 a 25 hz haciendo le imposible recibir y responder el llamado de los suyos siendo milagrosamente la única en su especie solo está bella criatura del océano es capaz de alzar sus tristes melodias de amor por el mundo acuático sin escuchar jamas respuesta a sus llamadas . A sus palabras

  • THE WHALE is very important so I hope you react to their song called Whalien 52 and also research (before reacting but on camera) about the loneliest whale or the 52-hertz whale so you can understand why this whale is making us cry so bad

  • its so crazy to see ur stages of being a fan haha i feel like it was just yesterday u had no idea who was who or how many of them there were but now u catch all the references and can tell them apart just by looking at the back profile. love it

  • The one crying in the middle is actually Hobi. It's from an iconic scene where they won their first big award, which was really unexpected since only groups from big companies used to win those. J-Hope was so emotional he tried to give the acceptance speech but couldn't stop sobbing. This MV hits you hard on the feels no matter if you're army or not. So beautiful.

  • I subscribed today even though i’ve been watching for a while now. I am happy you are feeling what we are feeling. You’ve come along way! Congrats in advance for the 100k subscribers! Well- deserved!

  • please react to monsta x debut “trespass” and their newest mv fantasia ( also I’m not even army but this made me cry. Thank you for reacting Sammy, I’m going to check them out )

  • if you listen very closely you can hear them say "but we have you ARMY" and that just hits hard :")

  • this boys always make me cry river….
    even their funny and happy song always have deep meaning on the lyrics
    so dont ask about their mellow song,, the lyrics make us cry

  • Thanks for another great reaction. You may be interested in watching this reaction from Korean point of view (not DKDKTV) – they caught everything – their comments will help your future reactions because as you know, its much deeper than animation style – it really is a love letter to ARMY and thats why it ended with Boy With Luv – after 7 years they're in a happy place and they attribute all of it to the Purple Ocean, they're bullet proof eternal Mikrokosmos, BTSARMY – We are not 7 with you💜

  • This song is seriously such a meaningful song. Everytime i hear the song and all the time's I've watched the MV since it was released, I've cried, and I get chills from it as well. It's so beautiful.. and it means a lot to us ARMY.

  • Just wanna say that it was not V crying in the middle its junkook you will know if its junkook if he is warring red/pink hair because its his colour

  • the whale is a reference to their song whalien 52. the whale is known to be a lonely whale and they relate it to their song and that no matter what happens theyll keep singing until their voices are heard you should listen to it its a really great song

  • Hi sam i really enjoyed your react vid so much….🥰
    Can you react to bts's 7years birthday party?
    Im looking forward to you to do the reaction…
    I know that vid is so long its like almost 1 hour…
    Please react to it if you want to ofc… i dont want to make you editing a vid that soooo long….
    If you want to react to it.. you can check the link in reply…. but if you dont want its ok because that video is damn long kwwkkw
    Have a nice day sam!💜🌼

  • The Black Wave represents the act of "black ocean".
    Black ocean is when an artist perform in an award show and the audience turn off their lightsticks (turning the place dark) to make the performer feel bad looking at "an empty audience". Fans of other groups wanted to do it to BTS back in Mama 2016. If you search it on google "bts black ocean" you'll see it.

  • The Whale represents them before. They have a song called "whalien 52" so 'whale 52' is also known as the LONELIEST WHALE IN THE WORLD, because they have 52 hertz which is too high. Normally whales has 10 to 40 hertz. So basically whale 52's hertz are too high so no other whales can hear them. But they still singing in their hertz and swimming in the ocean even they are alone.

    Just like BTS they are laughed about their names, making fun of them because they cam from small company, bashing them, giving them black ocean, saying they will never gonna make it, accusing them plagiarism.


    so in the vid the whale turns into million purple lights. Because they are no longer lonely. They have millions of armys by their side.

  • Speaking of the wings short films… did you decide not to react to the BU storyline explained video by xceleste?🥺🙏🏽 because I’d still really like to see that

  • Army Hold high in the sky your black umbrella. Protect those who you
    love. There is a connection for purple is the connection cosmic
    connection to universe unity. If you're curious watch on youtube; type;
    "Black Umbrella Decoded – Reclaiming your Symbolism – New Earth Creation
    (Alchemical Unification)". If you still have your doubts. Interestingly
    it got posted on the same day. Hold your black umbrella high with love
    and unity. Protect your brothers and sisters who are lost. Much love.


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